First ever virtual iPad app for dissection of frog

I still remember during my high school biology labs, it was the day we were to dissect a rat.  It was my first time and I saw lab assistant giving chloroform to rats, so that they do not hinder the dissection process.  Lab assistant was serving rat on wax trays, one by one to the students.  When it was my turn, lab assistant gave the rat in my hand to wash it under the sink before keeping it on the wax tray.  Can you imagine holding the rat under the sink with your hands? Rats!

I started dissection of rat and poof! I accidently touched the liver of the rat with knife and the water in the wax tray was full with blood.  I had to wash the tray several times, before I could see the rat and organs thorough the water.  I was excited to see different organs of the rat, but the very thought of cutting an animal for the purpose of learning did not strike as best to me.

Emantra Inc has developed the very first iPhone app that gives the ability to dissect a frog and you can do it without formaldehyde, scalpels, push pins and wax tray.  

About the frog dissection app
Frog dissection app received the PETA Mark Twain Ethical Science award and was developed by Subject Matter Experts (SME), who were involved in taking this frog dissection app from its conceptualization to its final execution. Frog Dissection allows you to dissect a chloroformed specimen complete with virtual dissection instruments – pins, scalpel, marker, and forceps. Step-by-step instructions and 3D views...

give an extremely real feel.

This clear dissection sequence gives students the feel of performing a live dissection minus the hassles of a wet lab. 


  • A chloroformed virtual specimen
  • Clear Instructions
  • Dissection tools like pins, marker, scissors, scalpel, and forceps
  • Touch operated dissection
  • Dorsal side of the specimen
  • Opening the external skin and muscles of the specimen using digital tools
  • Individual organs viewed in large 3D imagery.

Limitations of frog dissection app
According to iMedicalApps write Dr. Wodajo, the main limitation with frog dissection apps is that dissection only goes in one direction and animations are not really user controlled like knife moves only in one direction.  So, this app appears to be a series of animations rather than real dissection.  It is proposed if app could be more interactive, it would have provided a real time experience.

Dr. Wodajo, I agree with your assessment, none-the-less, it is an excellent starting point.  At the very least, it will force other people to come up with such apps and save lives of many frogs and rats.

Healthy Dissecting!!

Source: iMedicalapps


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