First Powered Echelon Flex Stapler Launched

Traditional open surgical techniques related to endoscopy are being replaced by new technology, in which a small incision is made, a rigid or flexible endoscope is inserted, thereby enabling internal video imaging. Endoscopic procedures are commonly performed on nasal sinuses, intervertebral disks, fallopian tubes, shoulders, and knee joints, as well as on the gall bladder, appendix, and uterus.

Stapling Requirements
In Endo surgery procedures, hemostasis is important, which may require gentle handling of tissue, minimizing tissue trauma and the application of appropriate tissue compression for safe and effective surgery. To adhere to these principles, staplers are designed for ease of use, visibility, comfort and control – all of which may contribute to a better surgical experience for both physicians and patients. Stapler is used to cut and staple tissue in a variety of surgical procedures, including bariatric, thoracic, colorectal, gynecologic, urologic and general surgery and  provides enhanced system wide compression.

Launching Of First Powered Flex Stapler
M/S Ethicon Endo-Surgery launched first powered stapler.  The company has manual (non-motorized) Echelon Flex staplers in the market. The new Powered Echelon Flex Stapler can apply compression to the targeted tissue before stapling to provide more consistent thickness.

The company claims that its new powered stapler results in a...

significant reduction of tip movement during cutting and stapling, which reduces the risk of trauma to the surrounding tissue.

Important Features:

  • Compression – The only powered endocutter with enhanced system-wide compression.
  • Stability – Virtually effortless firing minimizes movement of the distal tip for enhanced stability on or near vital structures. The stapler allows surgeon to minimize movement at the end effector  during transection of thick tissue.
  • Surgeon Controlled Power – It has been designed to ensure surgeon control throughout the device’s operation, enabling him to pause or reverse firing at any time during the transection and a manual override system.
  • Wide range of cartridges – Powered ECHELON FLEXTM stapler uses same cartridges as the manual ECHELON FLEXTM Stapler, providing 6-row capability and deliver consistent, uniform staple formation according to tissue thickness.
  • Reliability: Disposable batteries ensure full power for the case.

Powered Felx Stapler looks like a useful tool and is expected to provide a great help to surgeons carrying endo surgeries.


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