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To experience pregnancy and the miracle of birth is incredible. Before delivery every women has to go through the nerve breaking labor pain. There have been many apps developed to track the pregnancy state, and providing suggestions on prenatal diet plans, exercise etc. But no one app has been developed that can help expecting parents during the actual labor and delivery day. Vanderbilt Medical Center has taken a lead in creating a iPhone app that can help expectant parents to make a delivery day smoother and better.

Iphone/ iPad Baby Time App
Vanderbilt’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Medical Center’s strategic marketing department have designed the phone app called “Baby Time”.

Baby Time has four features-

  • Contraction Timer It tracks contractions and the time between contractions
  • Hospital Quick Dial To call hospital and other important persons from the notification list
  • Direction of the Hospital Compatible and integrated with Google Maps for directions
  • Frequently Asked Questions Details about...

    labor and delivery such as what do I bring? Where do I go? Did my water break?

Baby Time app is free to download through iTunes but only available for iPhones and iPads.

Labor time is the most difficult time for the couple, I am sure the Baby Time App will be helpful for expectant parents to organize and make their trip hospital smoother.

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  1. Great list off apps for new moms! Click my name for a few free web apps!

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