Freescale Technology – Medical Kiosk Prototype holds promise for future


Increase in heart disease and diabetes has provoked innovators to think about medical technologies for preventive care that would be easy to use, portable and can allow remote monitoring.  Freescale Semiconductor introduced prototype of a product, which has capability to collect patient health data.  This data can be seen by the doctor, either on site, if installed in hospital or could be assessed remotely through cloud computing servers. 

David Niewolny, Medical Segment Marketing Manager, gave demonstration of the Freescale Medical Kiosk.  Kiosk can do the following

  • take patients weight and height to calculate BMI
  • monitor blood pressure, heart rate and even ECG
  • option of selecting different languages
  • pulse oximetry to know amount of oxygen in blood (by a photodiode sensor, no piercing)
  • glucose level by integrated glucometer (based on needle prick technology)
  • spirometry – blow into a device to gauge lung capacity (critical for asthma patients)
  • information can be upload to your computer, cloud (internet) and downloaded by your doctor


This Medical...

Kiosk is designed for hospitals to log basic condition of patients, instead of gathering it on forms.  At this time Kiosk is somewhat large, about size of your refrigerator, but Freescale wants to develop portable instruments based on the sensors they have developed.

I see utility of this technology very useful in remote areas, especially in India or China, where healthcare is not assessable in small towns and villages.  This way doctors/ hospitals can keep a watch on their patients remotely, by either setting up the Medical Kiosk in villages themselves or bringing these systems to villages in van on regular basis like monthly.

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