French doctors successful in full face transplant


Dr. Laurent Lantieri A French surgeon at the Henri-Mondor public hospital in Creteil, a suburb of Paris performed world’s first ever entire face transplant.  The procedure took 12 hours for a 35 year old man whose face was disfigured due to a disease called as neurofibromatosis.  Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder, which leads to growth of tumor in nerve tissues.  This disease is also known as elephant man disease.   

The full face transplant included removing eyelids, their muscles and the tear ducts from an unidentified donor.  In April 2010, Spanish doctors claimed first ever full face transplant, but they did not replace eyelids and tear duct.  The hospital said the operation was the 12th face transplant worldwide since the first conducted in France in 2005, on the nose, mouth and chin of a woman disfigured by a dog attack.   


French urgeon Laurent Lantieri


Dr. Lantieri looked pleased after the surgery of Jerome and he said that “He walks, he eats, he talks,” and “His beard has already...

begun to grow on his new face.”   

It was reported that Jerome was pleased with his new face. “The first time he saw himself in the mirror, he raised both thumbs.”   

Dr. Lantieri said his new project would be to carry out total face transplants on burn victims.  “I still have not resolved all the difficulties to carry out face transplants on this type of patient,” he said. “That is my next challenge.”   

Like any organ transplant surgery, risk of face transplant is also of rejection of these replaced foreign parts.  Advancement in medical science leading to full face transplant continues to amaze me.  I wish Dr. Lantieri luck on his future goals.   

Source: cbsnews

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