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swineflu-maskYesterday was my last day of teaching program as a volunteer.  I took classes on citizenship for international students, coming from African, Asian, and other countries.  When I was planning to leave, people came to shake hand with me, which was indeed a nice and genuine gesture of all of them.  In response of that kind approach, I shook my hand with all of them but became very much impatient later on until I washed my hands with soap and water.  You might be thinking I am kind of psyche person, but that I did just to prevent myself from swine flu infection.  You don’t know if someone with a virus sneezes or coughs in their hand or touch some infected surfaces.  I think washing hands after touching any surface in public place is the safest and smartest strategy to protect from swine flu.


Besides washing hands use of face masks is also one of the most effective strategies for preventing swine flu.  You have probably seen pictures of people walking around wearing masks to protect themselves from the new H1N1 virus, commonly known as swine flu.  In my previous post I shed light on how to choose and use face masks for maximum protection against deadly swine flu disease.  Here you will find some funny pictures of masks that people used.  Hope it may give little smile on your face in the time of crisis.


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