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It is summer time and many of you must be thinking of taking part in a Marathon race.  If you are a regular participant, then more than likely you know, the training you need before your mega event.  Many companies have their own training program, wherein, interested employees run at regular interval in a week to prepare themselves for the Marathon of their choice.  If you do not have trainer yet and would like to participate in a Marathon, you can use a gadget designed by New York Times that you can use as a guide.  The tool is called as “run well running tool” and is designed by country’s top running coaches.  This is list of contributors from New York Times training program:


·         The Olympian Jeff Galloway coaches runners to stay injury-free with his unique run-walk method.

·         Greg McMillan, a marathoner and distance coach, helps time-oriented runners achieve race goals.

·         Grete Waitz, a nine-time New York City marathon champion, offers training tips.

·         The New York Flyers, the city’s largest running club, include several local road races as part of the training.

·         The New York Roadrunners Foundation Team For Kids charity program has a training plan used by 5,000 adult runners around the world.

·         The New York Road Runners, organizer of the New York City Marathon, provides basic training plans for the race.


I would like to browse you through the tool, so that you can easily make your own training program.


pic-1-Login1. Log in:  Before you can start playing with the running tool, you must create an account with New York Times, which is free of cost.


2. About Yourself:  Tools asks you about your basic information including, your running experience (Beginner, intermediate or advanced).  It also asks if you are planning to run in a marathon and if yes, which one.  By that it estimates, how many days are left in your race and it will design the program accordingly.


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3. Training Program:  After plugging in the basic information, tool will generate a training program for you.  Basic elements of the program are:

  • Runs per week: how many times you need to run per week
  • Weekly miles:  how many miles you have to run in a week
  • Longest Run: maximum number of miles you have to cover in a run (not in every run though) 

As an example, I chose beginner program for a Twin cities Marathon, which was due in 49 days. As you can see in the image below, tool gives options of six different training programs, such as The Galloway Training method, New York Flyers Training program and so on.  Tool gives you read details and select the program you want think is suitable for you. Brief description of the Galloway program is given in the next picture.




4. Log your workout:  Now that you have started running and your clock has started on your training time, feed the information in the tool as per the date, workout type, distance, time and any additional note you would like to put in.



5. Progress Tracker:  On the same screen of log your workout, wellness tool will show your progress with your workout schedule.



I think wellness tracker is a good way of customizing your training program, whether you are or you are not planning to take part in a marathon race. It is well known, walking or running on a regular basis, keeps your body fit and can help in prevention of fatal diseases like cardio-vascular.  The training program tool designed by New York Times is in collaboration with leading professionals in this field.  Sometimes, you need little motivation to get your body back on track and I think watching progress on this tool, you can get that motivation.


Healthy training!



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