Genetic markers can forecast your longevity


It’s the mystery for all how long we will be alive? People always have interest to know their future, lifespan and longetivity, especially old people in their late 90’s. Old people generally encounter numerous health issues and they know it is body’s reaction to old age. What if old people can check – if they can make it past 100 years? Seems unbelievable, but a latest study suggests that set of 150 genes will give scientists better shot in estimating longetivity than tarot card reader or palmistry.

About the Research
A new study scanned the genes of a large number of centenarians and identified genetic markers that appear linked with a long and healthy life. Tom Perls, Director of the New England Centenarian Study at Boston Medical Center and colleagues found that there are set of 150 genes that may largely determine a person’s longevity or how long a person can live.

The study was published in online edition of the Journal Science.

How accurate is the new study?
Researchers compared the genes of 1,055 centenarians to 1,267 other people to see whether they could find unique patterns. A statistical model based on these 150 genetic variants found in The New England Centenarian Study...

was able to predict a person’s lifespan up to 77 percent accuracy.

Are longetivity genes the only marker for longetivity?
Researchers suggested that genetics may be the foundation of longevity. But for people who do not carry the longevity genes may still benefit by following a healthy lifestyle

Researchers also mentioned that caloric restriction, vegetarian diet, restricted sexual life and good management of emotion and mood among other things may boost a person’s lifespan.

This is a steppingstone for the scientists to determine the longetivity of old people, but the key is healthy life style that can lead to happy and healthy life for ages. In my view it doesn’t matter how long we alive, what matters is, how healthy we alive. Eat healthy, read healthy and live healthy.

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