Get medical help by AfriDoctor Nokia Smartphone App

Developers of mobile applications are looking for new ways to bridge the gap between doctors and patients.  20FourLabs, a division of local internet portal developed a mobile application for Nokia smartphones to diagnose ailments by the use of mobile technology.  The application is called Afridoctor and is designed for the needs of South Africans. 

The interesting fact is that Afridoctor topped in Nokia’s Calling All Innovators Africa 2009 competition from over 125 entries.  The competition called for applications relevant to South African and African mobile users.  Inventors of Afridoctor were awarded R644 000 (US$85 000).

The concept of Afridoctor is very simple:

  • Take photo of externally visible condition of your body, such as rash, pink eyes, stings, etc by using this app
  • The photo is forwarded to professional medical panel from Health24, a South African health portal
  • Doctor within the panel will respond to your diagnosis within 48 hours

The developing team of Afridoctor acknowledged that “Afridoctor is Africa’s first personal mobile health clinic, turning your device into a powerful first aid information kit, a doctor-location service, and an emergency distress notifier,” says the developing team.

There are some more features in Afridoctor:

  • Mapping feature: Informs users of nearby medical facility,...

    hospital or clinic through google maps
  • Emergency feature: Dials to a predefined family or friend and gives location of the user in case of emergency.
  • First aid tips:  As the name sounds, it gives users first aid tips on dog bites, burns, and fever to seizures and kitchen safety, etc.  Also, app has quiz on common problems like stroke, hypertension, smoking, etc 

Developers hope to make Afridoctor available on other mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android and Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). Medgadget does not seem excited about this application and as per their opinion when video teleconferencing can not diagnose patients effectively, can a simple photo do the job.  I think concern is valid.  This app may not do full justice in diagnosing your problem, but can help you out with some simple visual ailments, if you are look for advise.



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