Glaucoma handbook ipad app promotes patient education

Glaucoma is a common eye disease that may cause vision loss or even blindness because of damage to the optic nerve.  Dr. Jaewan Choi was instrumental in the development of iPhone/ iPad app, which is a Glaucoma Handbook.

Glaucoma Handbook is an iPhone/iPad app whose production was directed by glaucoma specialist Dr. Jaewan Choi.  Dr. Choi lives in Korea and is a Glaucoma specialist.  The main objective of Glaucoma app was to create awareness about the disease and educate people of common myths and misconceptions related to Glaucoma.

Dr. Choi acknowledged that people live with glaucoma, but don′t always seem to understand it.  He realized that

  • patients cannot absorb all the information in a few brief office visits
  • various websites and articles to which he referred them often went unvisited as patients do not carry their computers with them

Dr. Choi strongly feels that the arrival of the iPhone, has “given medical doctors an excellent way of communicating with patients”.

About Glaucoma handbook app
The Glaucoma Handbook app (iTunes link) has

  • a list of contents consisting of common questions and answers about glaucoma
  • links page pointing...

    to Wikipedia, Pubmed and Google News on glaucoma
  • links to glaucoma foundations in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia
  • incorporates links for sharing on Twitter and Facebook
  • call for authors to contribute to future development of app content. 

Dr. Choi has created a library of information related to Glaucoma and at the same time has provided a platform for the patients to interact with other patients and share their own information.  I can see a trend here, wherein healthcare industry is trying to link patients to facilitate awareness and care, such as healcam created by Medgadget.  The credit goes to Dr. Choi for spending time to create a valuable platform for Glaucoma patients.

Source: imedicalapps


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