Google “Body Browser” allow you to explore 3D human anatomy


Most of you might be familiar with Google Earth, Google Maps that demonstrates our planet in greater details. Now Google has taken a leap invading the human body that allows you to explore the human body the same way you explore the Google Earth. Google has just launched its latest browser experiment, named as the Google Body Browser.

The Body Browser is a high-tech three-dimensional (3D) model of the human anatomy that includes multiple layers, such as the circulatory and nervous systems and the skeleton and muscles. You can select or deselect skin, muscles, bones, etc for viewing and if you want, you can make it semi-transparent on an individual level. Labels can be showed, and all anatomy is fully searchable.


I am sure you must be excited to explore the new 3D dimensional human anatomy, but before you go to browse the tool, you need to have a WebGL enabled browser to try it. WebGL is a cross-platform low-level 3D graphics API that is designed to bring plugin-free 3D to the web. It uses the HTML5 Canvas element and does not require Flash, Java or other graphical plugins to run.

WebGL is available, but not enabled by default in Chrome 8 (the latest stable version). Type about: flags in the address bar, click “Enable” next to “WebGL” and then click on “Restart now”. Please note that this is an experimental feature in...

Chrome 8. WebGL is enabled by default in Chrome 9 Beta, Chrome 9 Dev Channel, Chrome Canary Build and Firefox 4 beta.

Until you get the WebGL enabled browser, you can enjoy seeing the YouTube demonstration of the Google Body Browser below. If your browser supports WebGL, you can try it for yourself here.


I believe it is a breakthrough tool developed by Google to study the human anatomy that could revolutionize the understanding of the human body and fast-track medical research.

Source: medgagdet


9 Responses

  1. I am sculptor and a painter . I plan to use this tool all the time if is good
    Thank you.

  2. KSS Subba Rao says:

    It is very good tool for medical professionals and future generations

  3. manish jain says:

    hi… i am 3d modeler in animation…it’s dignity of my profession…

  4. Piter says:

    One should type about:flags (no space).

  5. biotech says:

    check out this tool, if you are into anatomy it might interest you

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