Hamburg FDA chief throws light on the egg recall salmonella outbreak


The growing massive egg recall, first time in the history of US, has threatened the public more than ever.  According to WSJ reports on an average Americans eat about 47 billion shell eggs (as opposed to egg products) per year. People have been filing law suits against the firms involving in the Salmonella contamination and at the same time pointing to health authorities and FDA for not taking preventive measures to ensure the safety. As of now total 550 million eggs have been recalled that has sickened 1300 people. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg in an interview this morning indicated that there are further chances of egg recalls. 

About the interview
Hamburg said the FDA is taking the issue “very, very seriously.”  At the same time she mentioned that we need additional resources, we need additional authority, and we need greater ability to trace back products to their source.  She requested Congress to pass pending food-safety legislation that would allow the agency to have “preventive controls in place before the mishap rather than...

waiting for an outbreak to happen and then reacting to it. 

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Hamburg said had some practical advice for consumers, while the federal investigation is under progress:

  • reject over-easy eggs
  • strictly avoid “runny egg yolks for mopping up with toast.”
  • out the FDA website, to ensure that any eggs they purchased are not among the contaminated batches.

For more information how you can prevent yourself from the Salmonella outbreak, please visit egg recall FAQ

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