Harvard Poll reveals struggle getting H1N1 flu vaccine


Swine_FluSwine flu or H1N1 vaccine availability is still a problem. It is not available to the health clinics and hospitals in the required quantities.  Last month in October, Harvard  school of Public Health released a swine flu vaccine poll that revealed 40% adults were planning to get swine flu vaccination and 51% parents were planning to get their children vaccinated.  H1N1 flu vaccine was expected to hit the market in mid October.  It did, but not in the quantities that was anticipated. 

Harvard School of Public Health has released another poll that was conducted on efforts of people to get H1N1 flu vaccine.  The survey polled 1,073 adults. It has a margin of error of about 4 percentage points. Let us take a look at the survey results:  

Swine-flu-vaccineHow would you categorize the groups with respect to H1N1 flu vaccine?
There are two major groups; one that are interested in getting the vaccine but can not find it and another who do not want to get vaccinated at all.  Healthcare professional have tough job for both the groups; to satisfy who are looking for swine flu shots and to convince the ones who do not want it.  

swineflu-and-parentWhat does the poll say about people who want to get vaccinated?
Harvard poll revealed that in the United States, about 40 percent of parents have tried to get their children vaccinated against the H1N1flu virus, only one in three has been successful. Even the adults who belong to the population of higher risk are having difficult time in finding the vaccine. 

Children were among the higher priority group for vaccination and poll results show that healthy children are seeking vaccination at roughly twice the rate of...

chronically ill  adults. 

Robert J. Blendon, a professor of health policy who led the survey team seemed positive about the results and said “The proportion of parents who tried to get their kids vaccinated was larger than we anticipated”. He also stated that “I think our sense was that people would start looking later in the season.”  

Parents who have tried, are they still interested in H1N1 vaccine?
Although parents and individuals are upset about availability of the swine flu vaccine, but the good news is that 92 percent of the people who have unsuccessfully sought vaccination say they’ll try again. Anne Schuchat was truly pleased by the determination of these parents, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “They weren’t giving up. They recognize the value of trying to protect themselves with vaccine and sticking with it through the next several weeks,” she said. h1n1-vaccine

Scarcity of the swine flu vaccine is mainly attributed to the technology that requires longer time for its production.  Many companies and the Government are working on bringing vaccine faster to market in the required doses.  Also, companies are looking into new technologies that will increase the cycle time for production of flu vaccine. I would recommend that if you are in higher priority list as per the CDC guidelines, you should consider getting swine flu shot, if you are among the group of people those are not planning to get vaccinated.   

Healthy vaccination! 


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  1. trent says:

    Dont get the mercury, aluminum, formaldahyde loaded vaccines or you’ll end up as stupid as the guy who wrote this article.

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