Harvin collapses due to migraine and taken to hospital


Football season is catching up and Vikings have been in news over Brett Favre.  Brett Favre practiced with Vikings and he agreed to play for the team this season. We have seen a lot of drama over Favre and I hope his return will be as productive for Vikings as last year.  Lately Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed at team’s Winter Park Facility and was suspected to suffer from another migraine attack.

Percy Harvin, returned to the practice camp after two weeks as he was suffering from migraine after the death of his grandmother.  This is not the first time Harvin encountered with migraine; however he has been suffering with severe migraines since he was 10. He missed a number of practice seasons and one game last season, his rookie season, while dealing with migraine.

Harvin was having difficultly during the practice season and this time migraine triggered when he looked up into a mostly cloudy sky to field a punt during a special teams drill. Harvin went inside to see team physician Dr. Sheldon Burns, then came back out to the field.

Vikings coach Brad Childress Childress added: “I’m putting it in a migraine category, just because of what preceded that, but I certainly don’t...

know what put him down on the ground over there, if it was some kind of reaction or what.”

Vikings continued their practice as team’s medical staff was examining Harvin.  After about 10 minutes, a police car and ambulance from the Hennepin County Medical Center arrived and EMTs tended to Harvin as practice stopped and players watched.

The players were concerned about his team mate, while practicing and ended practice early after 10 plays.  Harvin was scheduled to talk to reporters today for the first time since he left training camp in Mankato on Aug. 1.

 Vikings had a really good season last year and Harvin was the important part of the team.  We wish quick recovery for Harvin and hope to see some excellent football seasons from him.

Source: startribune


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