Health apps contribute 10% to 10 billion app downloads


Apple has reached a big milestone after 10 billionth app was downloaded from its iTunes store.  It was amazing to note that it took only 31 months (app store opened on July 10, 2008) to achieve 10 billion app download landmark, whereas iTunes  music store had to wait 10 years for the same.

This shows the rapid growth of iPhone, iPod and iPad, which had accelerated need and use of apps.  Apple revealed the name of the winner in a press release: “The 10 billionth app downloaded, Paper Glider, was purchased by Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK.”  Apple has offered nontransferable $10,000 App Store gift certificate, which if Gail choose to accept (and pay taxes on it) could take a lifetime to spend. The question that I had was how much did health/ medical apps contributed to the 10 billion milestone? released the data, which categorizes the apps and the results are shown in the figure below:

The split of the apps downloaded from iTunes...

show that healthcare or medical related apps contributed to 10% (1.09 Billion) of 10 billion apps, when lifestyle apps were included.  Otherwise the health related apps contributed to 4% of total downloads.

Medical – 161 MM (1.61%)
Healthcare & fit – 232 MM (2.32%)
Life style – 698 MM (6.98%)
Total – 1.09 Billion (10.71%)

Although, the share of health related apps to 10 billion apps downloaded from iTunes store looks small, but analysts are positive about growth medical apps over the next 5 years.  We look forward to the projected growth of mhealth.

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  1. Ultrect says:

    That apparently is correct.

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