Healthy diet at early stage of childhood boosts IQ


Parents are always striving to boost IQ of their child in this competitive and fast changing world.  A new study indicates that IQ levels can be affected in toddlers by the type of food that is given to the child.  The findings from a UK study revealed that nutritious food having veggies and fruits at early stage of brain development can increase IQ of your child at later stage.

Healthy food has always been in the health discussions.  In fact a news study that came out early this week reported that infants consuming solid food at age before 4 months are at higher risk of obesity.  UK study named The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children studied eating habits of 3,966 children at ages 3, 4, 7 and 8.5.  The research was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

As per the study, three types of dietary patters were observed in the UK:

  • Processed diets which were high in fat, sugar and convenience foods,
  • traditional diets of meat, potato and vegetables, and
  • health conscious diets of salads, fruit and fish.

Children took the IQ test at the age of 8.5 year and link between the type of diet and IQ level was observed irrespective of background of mother (like education, etc).  It was revealed that a diet high in processed food at the age of three was exhibited a slightly lower IQ at the age of 8.5, suggesting early...

eating habits have a long term impact.

Dr Pauline Emmett, lead researcher at Bristol University, said: “Brain development is much faster in early life; it’s when it does most of its growing. It seems that what happens afterwards is less important.”

Although the relationship between diet and IQ was very strong, the impact was quite small. Processed foods were linked with IQs only a few points lower.

I think our parents have always told that eat your share of veggies and fruits.  With more and more scientific research, the link between the healthy dietary impact and future mental and physical health is being established.  It is difficult to control sweet tooth of your toddler and his craving for chocolate, cookies and all other junk food can supersede the consumption of healthy food.  But, try your best to feed your child healthy food, at least at early stages to make him more intelligent in future.

Healthy Parenting!



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  1. krystal says:

    its up to parents to instill healthy eating habits to their kids at a young age. also has some great health food tips!

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