Hotline to get condom delivered at doorstep


Sexually transmitted diseases, like AIDS are always on radar of health agencies. Health agencies are looking for new campaigns to spread awareness of the disease and ways to prevent it.  Use of condoms is one of the most popular ways to avoid AIDS. Recently Swiss health officials have come up with an innovative campaign to distribute condoms. 

The campaign started by Swiss health officials involves home delivery of condoms.  Home delivery! Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health began a new program “LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS” Thursday giving people in Geneva, Bern and Zurich the chance to order condoms by phone.

Swiss health officials have hired bikers to deliver condoms at your door step and remember that your courier will arrive in an hour or less.  May be it can not beat Domino’s 30 min time, but it can definitely beat AIDS risk. The bike messengers will deliver three condoms for 8 Swiss...

francs, which amount US $7.50. 

Campaign manager Norina Schwendener said that “The couriers are simply the perfect people to remind people in a pleasant way of our message that one should always have condoms available.”

I think this is a good move by the Swiss Health officials, at least something different.  I am sure other countries will come up such programs and may be WHO evaluates which program is most effective.  This will help countries to leverage programs across the globe and lead to a healthier society.


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