How would iPhone iOS4 on Verizon influence medical community?


iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone in market. AT&T has increased its subscriber base owing to exclusive service provider for iPhone.  These days will soon be over as iPhone is set to hit Verizon store on coming Tuesday.  The question arises, how it would impact the medical community and would it increase of use of iPhone and iOS4 by the healthcare professionals.  It is difficult to predict, but the outlook seems positive.

Interestingly enough, iMedicalApps conducted a small survey involving 15 medical students and residents on shifting from Verizon Android phone to Verizon iPhone phone.  The survey is far from statistical relevance, but still revealed interesting information.  The results revealed that:

  • 27% preferred Android due to various reasons including a higher level of customization offered by Android
  • 60% did not want to trade their Verizon service with another and wanted to use iPhone
  • 13% just wanted a phone to access email and did not have any preference for iPhone or Verizon

Even though the poll was small, I think it would be fair to say that Verizon customers like the network and would not give it up for an iPhone.  The question you would ask is...

why Verizon network is so important for medical professionals.  If you think about it, ability to have connectivity with reasonable strength in rural settings or within hospital walls that sometimes do not have dedicated Wi-Fi, is of prime importance to medical professionals.

Whether iPhone or not, medical professionals would like to be connected to the network so that they have ability to show a youtube video to their patient or look up a journal article, wherever needed.

I am looking forward for the Verizon’s iPhone iOS4 launch on its network and response from the medical community. Keep a watch on Apple’s or Verizon’s first Quarter earnings that would reflect success of iPhone’s relationship with Verizon. Can you hear me now!

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Source: iMedicalApps

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  1. i-phones are the latest innovation of the inforamtion technology and almost everyone is looking forward to use them. But how much it will be useful for the medical professionals is of great doubt.
    They may use it for their personal activities such as updating medical knowledge, getting connected with other members of the medical team etc., It cannot be of much use in storing or sharing patient information.

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