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There is no surrogate of mother for children in the whole world. Although both father and mother plays an important role in child’s life, but mother’s worth as a role model and guardian is indisputable.  Recently published study further adds weight to this fact and presents a new wing to mother care. The study claims that mothers, who shower their babies with warmth of affection, make them better to cope with stressful situations in later their life.

About the study
The study involved 482 children in Rhode Island and led by Joanna Maselko of Duke University in North Carolina. At the start of the study, researchers rated the quality of interactions between the mothers and their eight-month-old children during a routine developmental check-up. Decades later, at a mean age of 34, those grown-up babies were assessed whether they thought their mothers had been affectionate towards them.  The researcher examined the specific elements such as anxiety ,hostility and general levels of distress.  .

Results of the study
The researchers found that 10% of the mothers offered very low levels of affection toward their children, 85% showed a “normal” degree of affection, whereas 6% showered their children with excess amounts of maternal affection. Those, whose mothers had been the most affectionate, showed the lowest levels of anxiety, hostility and general distress. 

The research is published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.


style="text-align: justify;">Dr Joanna says “High levels of motherly affection are likely to facilitate secure attachments and bonding. This not only lowers distress but may also help a child to develop effective life, social, and coping skills, which will stand them in good stead as adults.”

The study showed evidence of mother’s care has great impact on children’s life. It’s come with no surprise as to why I get revitalized after talking to my mother just for few minutes. I believe mother is the most perfect creature on earth, the loveliest and the most infallible.  Mother’s love and affection, not only creates bond between mother and child, but bonds whole family together. Coming back to the study, researchers were able to strong findings of positive effects of mother’s affection by collecting the data after 30 years, however researchers were unable to find a significant relationship between low levels of mothers’ affection and elevated levels of distress. Hope further studies may fill the gap in near future.

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