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The time is exciting for cricket loving nations as Cricket World Cup 2011 has kicked off in Indian subcontinent.  India won against Bangladesh in the opening match on Saturday. If you are worried about the time your child is spending watching long 8 hr cricket games, you can educate him through http://www.sporteecricket.com/.  This website was launched by ICC in partnership with UK e-learning company MotivatEd. MotivatEd is an expert in educating children via sport and online gaming.

How can ICC Sportee Cricket educate children?
Interactive games are one of the fun ways to educate children.  ICC Sportee Cricket can help your children:

  • ICC Sportee Cricket features a variety of fun interactive locations, curriculum-linked games and adventure quests.
  • Solve puzzles with your children and complete educational challenges, whilst offering valuable encouragement and positive feedback.
  • The online games are designed to reward child’s academic achievements.  Rewards include virtual currency, which can be used to purchase real world international players and form their own playable cricket dream team.
  • Child is motivated by making improvement in his team as their rating increase by winning competitions and challenging other online users to matches.
  • The games include puzzles in mathematics, language, science, geography, and history...

    – as well as helping to develop skills in cross-curricular competences such as nutrition, citizenship, teamwork, and digital literacy.

ICC Sportee Cricket features all of the cricketing stars playing in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and is being marketed globally. In-game commentary is provided by Sky Sports cricket presenter Charles Colvile.

Interactive games are quick and fun tools for educating your children.  With World cup Cricket fever at its peak, take advantage by registering on ICC Sportee Cricket website.  See your child winning the world cup and increase his knowledge at the same time.

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