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The health websites are flooded with suggestions for your diet in order to loose weight and or meet your goal of loosing or maintaining set weight targets.  The smart phone apps, iPhone, android, blackberry, also tell you what you should eat in order to loose weight.  A new iPhone app has a different way of helping you to meet the daily healthy diet requirements.  The iPhone app is called as Intelli-Diet and can be downloaded from app store (iTune link) for $3.99.

The question is what is different about the Intelli-Diet, iPhone app. The app is designed to suggest you meal and snacks for a day based on what you prefer to eat.  Still wondering, how it works, here is the synopsis:

What information do you need to enter in Intelli-Diet app?
The apps asks you to

  • enter your starting weight and goal weight, gender, height, age and activity level
  • choose a plan to either maintain or lose weight
  • set the rate of weight loss from a half pound a week to 2 pounds per week
  • enter your food preferences.

Foods are categorized under protein, carbs, fat, fruit, and veggies. You will have to browse through each category and click “on” for foods that you like. Well, if you are wondering that you can trick this app in recommending you a pie or cookie, you are out of luck as it has only healthy options.

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What does Intelli-Diet app do with the information?
Based on the information you have provided, the app calculates a daily menu, keeping in mind your goal of calorie range.  If you don’t like the menu it gave you for the day, just refresh and it will suggest you other option.  Don’t just keep refreshing, you will have to settle on a healthy diet!

One of the drawbacks is, the app suggests the basic ingredients line cup of beans, etc, but does not tell you a recipe.  Hopefully you will figure out a recipe that does not offset the calorie value of the suggested option like frying bell pepper in butter.

The app also tracks progress by tools like Body Mass Index.

Well, it is indeed a different way of designing your healthy diet.  Do not forget that healthy diet can help you so much; daily exercise is necessary part of a healthy life style.  Let us know, how was your experience with the Intelli-Diet app?

Healthy Eating!


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  1. I love this app!!!!!!!

  2. Marcia says:

    Another great app is iTriage which allows users to search on symptoms and conditions as well as located nearby hospitals and doctors using GPS technology or the user’s zip code. It’s a great app to have on the go especially those who travel a lot or mothers who are always moving about with their children.

    Several Houston-area hospitals are using this app. (check out, but the app may have useful information for users throughout the U.S.

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