InVivoLink Remote Control – iPhone app for implant surgery


iPhone 4 recently hit the market and this gadget has outperformed sales numbers of Apple’s previous gadgets.  It looks like more new gadgets Apple introduces; more is the hunger to buy them.  iPhones or other smart phones are putting pressure on the innovators to develop applications so that utility and demand for phones increases.  Mobile phone applications for health industry are on rise; for consumers, companies, hospitals, physicians, you name it.  InViVoLink, a Nashville, TN based company released an app for major mobile platforms to make life of medical device reps easier.

The app from InVivolink called “Remote Control” is useful for reps in automation of supply and schedule procedures, instead of making calls and manually managing the delivery of device.

What mobile platforms does IVL Remote Control support?
The mobile app is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry, among other devices.

Who will be user for IVL Remote Control app?
Users–including hospitals, doctors, sales reps, and distributors–can share information in real time with the multimodal product.

What are main advantages of IVL Remote Control app?
IVL app captures data before, during, and after implant surgery to improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.  Main advantages include:

  • Use “Quick Codes” to save and schedule implant cases with pre-populated inventory lists for common procedures
  • View inventory request status, and check individual and team case schedules
  • Be immediately alerted to and access “physician-driven procedures” (when physicians schedule their own...

    procedures using IVL’s platform, everyone sees the updates)


How does IVL Remote Control app contribute to efficiency of device inventory management? 

  • Reduces errors due to improved workflows, along with enhanced case scheduling, inventory control, customer support and analytics.
  • Saves reps time in reviewing faxes or on the phone with hospitals and physicians coordinating surgeries.  In addition the more time saved can be used to build their businesses and add value to customers.
  • Most importantly, reduced reliance on phone calls and manual processes results in fewer mistakes, better planning and improved patient safety.
  • Reps can install this app on computer and choose to work from their computers to manage and order inventory instead of on their mobile.

IVL Remote Control app looks like a good tool for sales rep in his day to day inventory management. As data is in electronic format, analysis of data becomes much more efficient.  According to IVL, its technology is currently being used by implant distributors (representing manufacturers) that supply nearly 75% of the medical devices used in the United States.

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