J&J – Additional OTC drugs recall


McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the Johnson & Johnson unit, is under scrutiny due to recall of 11.7 million bottles of various Motrin products and about 6.3 million bottles of Tylenol Arthritis pain caplets made at Puerto Rico plant, since last November.  McNeil also recently recalled liquid children’s Tylenol and other pediatric medicines. 

This time McNeil recalled four lots of certain Benadryl allergy tablets and one lot of Extra Strength Tylenol gel pills but has not given details of number of affected bottles.  A NewYork democrat, chairman of the committee responded to this latest recall, “Today’s announcement is indication that we have more to look at when it comes to this company.”

McNeil’s initial recalls dated back to November were due to the customer complaints of moldy odor from some products.  McNeil’s assessment was that the smell was caused by contamination from a chemical byproduct of a substance used to treat wooden transport pallets, which should not...

be a risk to consumers, but decided to recall the product. 

If you have purchased the products recently, you can claim your refund.  For more information on refunds please browse company Web site, mcneilproductrecall.com, or call at toll-free number: 888-222-6036.

I think situation with J&J unit, McNeil is getting worse day by day. They are required to overhaul their quality control system to prevent such nasty recalls. Till then, I would suggest you take the necessary precaution with the recalled products.

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