K for Ketamine to cure D for depression


Depression is a medical illness that involves the mind and the body. Approximately 1 in 18 people or 14.4 million people in USA suffer from depression. There are several prescription drugs available in the market for the treatment of depression, such as Zoloft and Prozac. A recent study discovered a “Magical Drug which is much faster, retains for longer time in the body and economical than any existing treatments.

About the Magic Drug
The magical drug is not a new discovery however; it has been in the market for few years and commonly known as Ketamine, K, or Special K. The drug has made it reputation as nightclub favorite. Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic to treat animals such as horse, and in rare cases in human.

Dr. Ronald Duman, professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Yale University, who led the study, said that it is a magical drug as its one dose can work rapidly and last for seven to 10 days. At this moment, many anti-depressants take months to years to work, and there’s always been a debate about their effectiveness. Many sufferers end up with suicidal thoughts or actually committing suicide even after having the medication.

Researchers found that the drug can restore brain-connections damaged by stress.

One of the concerns with Ketamine is that it must be injected into the patient, and it has extreme short term effects, such as hallucinations. For those who do it for recreational uses, these hallucinations are sometimes referred to as ‘K-Holes’.

Is it really a magical drug?

Garnham, a drug and alcohol counsellor for UK charity said Ketamine is a very addictive drug which is normally used on horses. I deal with many people who are addicted to ketamine and it affects their life in the same way as any other addiction does, leading to serious problems with health, money, friends and family.

Glen further added that- It is already very cheap and easy to become addicted to Ketamine, approving it for medical use might remove some of its stigma and lead more people down the path of addiction.


The new study shows promise for ketamine as an anti-depressant due to its faster response, just within hours, where years of alternative treatments have failed. However, further studies are needed to substantiate the efficacy and safety of ketamine in the patients suffering with depression. Depression is a disease that trouble many people and is leading cause of suicides. There is always risk to addition of drugs and anti-depressant drugs fall in that category.  When taking Ketamine has become a dangerous habit, you will eventually need treatment at either regular rehab facility or at a luxury addiction treatment center if you can afford it.

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