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Good lifestyle is not just about good food, great clothes and expensive accessories, but is more about staying mentally and physically fit. Watching what you eat, eating what your body needs and working out regularly are obvious things that will keep one in shape and in good health. In today’s era we are fortunate enough to have technology handy to help us improving our lifestyle and keeping up with where we are heading to.

Over-weighing is an open invitation to ill-health and is well known to trigger disorders like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer, sleep apnea and the list continues endlessly. It also interferes with the mental well-being of a person.

Phone which were primarily used as means of communication and secondarily as devices for data storage, scheduling and time managing or for pure entertainment are these day equipped with some really cool apps that could be big help, when you are trying to optimize and follow your diet-workout regimen.

Highlighted here are some of the best health-related apps present in android

  • Cardio trainer plus racing – is an app that offers challenge to user to be their own competitors and beat their own best time. While you work out this certainly is a motivation for doing better every next time. This app could be clubbed with the additional weight loss module.
  • Fast food calorie counter – is for most of us who plan to observe a strict diet our craving for fast food by easily overpowering our will. In this process even when you are trying to watch your weight, it’s sometimes impossible to resist the allure of fast food. In such a case this app...

    could work as an excellent aid to help you track what you eat.  


  • Beer gut fitness – another important app to monitor calories form beers and caipirinhas. It not only tracks the calories but also suggests what kind of exercise you must do and for how long. 


  • Shelf life -This app tracks the shelf life and freshness of perishables.  App informs us of its longevity with color codes for fresh, past prime, and inedible stages of fruits and vegetables
  • Sleep music – Good sleep is known to help you feel more energetic, and it is also known to even aid weight loss. If you have difficulty falling asleep, this app is designed to help you avoid insomnia, the soothing music lead you to fall asleep. 


 Enlisted above are just few examples of how your common-use devices could greatly assist you in keeping up with healthy lifestyle.

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