Kellogg launches first “myPlan” diet app for iphone


Kellogg’s does not need introduction; it is a big name in the cereal world.  It brings smile on my face when I think about frosted flakes.  Smart phone and mhealth industry is on a steep growth curve and Kellogg decided to tap into the market with its first app called myPlan, which is the Special K Challenge application for iPhone and Android platforms.  

myPlan app allow you to: 

  • create a two-week diet plan
  • update daily and weekly menu
  • track progress
  • find recipes,
  • create shopping lists
  • receive motivational tips

Mobile health news interviewed Kellogg’s Associate Director for the Special K brand, Jesper Lund Jacobson on their introduction of myPlan health app and the plans to drive adoption of the diet app.  I would like to touch upon the excerpts from the interview and review the app with my readers.

Excerpts from interview with Mr. Jacobson regarding myPlan
Jacobson acknowledged that the Special K Challenge, weight loss program has been in existence for more than 10 years.  You would have to go online to customize a plan, print it and stick it at a place, where it is visible.  With smart phone, your diet plan is with you and accessible 24×7.  Plus ability to modify it and in addition receive motivational messages, tips and tricks to help you to be successful in your weight loss challenge.

Jacobson strongly feel that smart phones are a great way to connect with consumers and marketing of products through smart phone is the way to go in future.  Smart phone users and apps have and are increasing, which is the main motivation of entry into this realm.  December timing jives well with the fact that consumers make plans (resolution) to improve their health as they enter into New Year, so there is not a better season to launch myPlan app. 

Kellogg plan to market the app through smart phone advertisement by utilizing search engine optimization of smart phones and showing...

banner advertisement of myPlan app that takes you to free download site.

Have you considered pairing this app with other devices? Pedometers or other health-related devices?
Let me say it this way: This is our first entrance into this space. The app represents what we know well and what has worked well. There are other opportunities for us within this space, but really delivering a simple and easy to use program is step one. We have dedicated a lot of thinking to where we can go from here but we’re going to start simple and update the app as we learn.

I personally fascinated with the features of the “myPlan” app. The best part of the app is not only it is free to download but it provides an amazing platform to plan, follow and manage your diet plan. You can start you meal challenge any day based on you convenience and then everyday you will receive your daily menu plan. The menu can be customized based on your needs or can be browsed for the recipes to cook. The recipe details about cooking and preparation time, photos and nutrition facts. It is so good to know the protein, vitamins, fats, cholesterol, fiber content you are having from your dish.  I believe it is a fun way to supervise your diet for healthy living.

Source: mobilehealthnews

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