Know why Africa tops global drop in new HIV cases


AIDS is a major concern of United Nations owing its spread in African countries at alarming rate.  Latest news brings some relief as UNAids observed more than 25% decline in new cases of AIDS in 22 countries, which were the worst affected region.  At the same time, report revealed that HIV cases were increasing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and among gay men in developed countries.   

UNAids noted that 200,000 fewer people died from AIDS virus in 2008 as compared to 2004 and 5.2 million people are being treated for AIDS.  The agency is happy as the drop was observed in the regions where AIDS epidemic has the most prevalence.  Another positive news is that the AIDS awareness programs are working along with better use of preventive measures.  Michel Sidibe, UNAids executive director, said “the world was making real progress towards achieving the sixth Millennium Development Goal (MDG6) of halting and reversing the spread of HIV/Aids by 2015.

What were main causes for decrease in AIDS cases?
UNAids noted that young people are making the most impact by:

  • choosing to have sex later
  • having fewer multiple partners
  • using condoms, which has doubled in last five years


UN also acknowledged that in many communities, males are going for circumcision by breaking their traditional barriers.  Past research has shown that circumcision can reduce...

HIV infections among men by nearly 60%. 

What are existing and new challenges for AIDS?
Eastern Europe, Central Asia and infections among gay men in developed nations is concerning for the UN fight against AIDS.  Funding for fight against AIDS has always been a talk of the town:

  • Countries that are severely affected by AIDS do not have sufficient funds to tackle AIDS problem
  • UN insisted to increase the investment in HIV/Aids prevention and warned that there was a $10bn (£6.4bn) shortfall in 2009. 

AIDS is a serious and real issue that continue to haunt health agencies as no full-proof cure exists.  Contribute to the cause of fighting AIDS in whatever way you can, be it as simple as spreading the word of importance of protected sex in reducing AIDS.

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Source: BBC

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