Live talk to people with similar health condition via HealCam

Social media has grown rapidly in last few years with Twitter and Facebook. These two networking sites are becoming essential part of life.  Although, there are questions about utility of tweeting each and every thing you do, minute by minute, the number of users that use social media tools indicates that it is very popular and will remain popular in coming future.

Many companies have opened their Facebook or Twitter account and you can follow latest developments that are posted about these companies.  Madgadget, one of the vital news sources for the Medical device industry, has developed an interactive online service, wherein people can meet and discuss their medical condition.  The online service is called as HealCam.

What service does HealCam offer?
HealCam is video chat site, wherein you can find persons of similar medical conditions or medical condition of your interest like depression.  If you want to talk to a person with similar medical condition, this tool might come handy for you.

How do I connect to other persons through HealCam?
It is very simple to connect through HealCam as it doesn’t require registration. Go to HealCam website

  • press start and choose a health category, say depression
  • you will be connected to a random person with depression.
  • when your conversation is over, you press next and
  • you are automatically connected to another person with depression.

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What are perceived advantages of HealCam?
You can

  • exchange information regarding you medical condition
  • get or give moral support
  • learn from good and bad experiences of others

It’s basically a large meeting space.

What medical condition categories does HealCam offer?
Currently HealCam offers a few general categories: Diabetes, Weight Loss & Dieting, Depression, Cancer, Pregnancy and Childbirth, and Heart Diseases.  Medgadget acknowledged that it will be opening new health channels in the coming weeks.

Internet is a great source for information and you can find plenty of information than you can digest on almost every medical condition.  I think nothing can beat talking to a real person.  Dealing with medical conditions like diabetes, depression, etc can be hard and talking to some body, either for sharing or gaining information can be useful.  Sometime, you just want to vent out, what you are going through to relieve tension.


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