Local farmers consumer’s first choice owing to egg recall

Last week’s more than 500 million egg recall has made the history in egg recall. People are scared of Salmonella infection in the eggs and not sure the eggs they are buying are of good quality and free from salmonella.  There are various varieties of eggs available like cage free, organic, pastured, certified humane and so on. The quality of eggs are, to some extent, dependent on the living conditions of hens and what feed they get. We shared information in our earlier post that may help you to buy healthy eggs. The recent recall has prompted consumers to buy eggs from the local farmers’ market and food retailers.   

The report says that several Wabash Valley farmers are seeing an increased demand for locally produced eggs.  Don W. Conner, who with his wife, Jane, operates Lookout Farms, about 8 miles northeast of Terre Haute in Otter Creek Township, sells egg at the Haute Downtown Farmers Market from 8 a.m. to noon each Saturday through October. They say people ask them if they have “Salmonella free eggs”. Other local egg farmers acknowledged that right now, we have more demand than supply.   

Farmer market is of choice for various people as they can buy fresh and good quality vegetables, fruits and food items at a reasonable price.   

Reporters’ say that small-production egg sellers are regulated same as supermarkets. The inspector checks handling, makes sure temperatures are right in the...

coolers, and the procedures on handling and grading   

Local farms in Wisconsin
The following farms offer eggs, according to the 2010 Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas:

  • Raikowski Farm, 4025 highways H and O, Junction City.
  • Sonday Produce, 9011 Pavelski Road, Amherst Junction.
  • Ten Pines Family Farm, 3154 Oak Hill Road, Junction City.
  • Bice’s Quality Critter Ranch, 4295 Apple Road, Vesper.
  • Pleasant Valley Eggs and Meats, 5741 Highway 186, Vesper.
  • Todd Hetzel, 5946 Highway S, Wisconsin Rapids.

Some Egg facts   

  • 208 million eggs laid in the United States each day, 76 billion (6.3 billion dozens) per year.
  • 285 million laying hens in the United States.
  • 265 eggs laid per hen each year (average).
  • 208 egg farmers with flocks of 75,000 or more hens.

Just 2 percent of the U.S. population lives on farms today, producing food enjoyed by the other 98 percent.   

Source: Tribstarnews   


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