LogMeIn Ignition app on iPad used to assist BP oil spill victims


BP has taken care of the leak, but the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, continue to be a health issue for the affected areas.  Mark Ryan, who is the director of the Louisiana Poison Center is tech savvy and was using his iPhone to report oil spill related poisonings to the Public Health Department.  With the steep surge in cases, he finally decided to give his eyes a rest and shifted to iPad for the real time public reporting.

Mark is using an app called as LogMeIn Ignition, which gives him capability to login remotely to his desktop to coordinate with U.S. Health Department by utilizing center’s data collection application. This $30.00 app allows him to: 

  • Forward every report of oil-related poisoning to the Health Department, to help coordinate reacting to geographic clusters, and get early warning of emerging trends.
  • Increase his ability to report around the clock, whether he is in office or not
  • Forward a report within 15 mins to each individual case to the Health Department

If you are wondering, what is LogMeIn Ignition app, it is a remote-access service that allows users to log into desktop computers from iPhones, Android phones, or iPads, using software installed on the mobile device. 

style="text-align: justify;">As per the reports, the Poison Control Center configured its data collection software, Toxicall, to send an alert to Ryan every time a spill-related case comes in, and he then forwards the case to the Health Department. The Ignition connection satisfies Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements to protect patient confidentiality, allowing Ryan to access cases over a secure channel.  


I think Ryan has set a great example of use of iPad and LogMeIn app to do real time health reporting.  Not only it saves time, it makes the system much more efficient.  The benefit is for the government and the person, who is suffering.  This report reflects the potential and benefits of real time health reporting. 

Source: computerworld


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  1. Logmein is leader in remote support industry. No doubt about that. However, I would recommend using another very good alternative: RHUB. Its remote support servers are easy to use and best part is it has no download of any kind. It is Fortknox.

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