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Google Android phones are running head to head with Apple iPhone in smartphone space.  Android Marketplace has apps in many categories, including health.  But still one category is missing, the medical apps.  It will be beneficial for medical professionals to have a section dedicated to their needs, so that they don’t have to search through health section, which could include apps from personal health management to recipes for healthy food.  

Apple had a medical section in its app store within a year of launch of iPhone.  Lack of medical category in Android Market place has been giving medical professional heartburn as indicated by an open letter to Google from iMedicalapps.com. If you think about it, it has been more than two years and Android Market place does not differentiate between consumer health apps vs. medical apps.  

The request from medical professionals has caught attention of Google and as per iMedicalApps.com, Google is adding medical section in Market place. One more thing that iMedicalApp noted that Android’s medical...

section has been categorized correctly, which would make navigation or search for the desired app, easy.  This is still a problem with App store and in spite of having dedicated medical section, categorization is not optimized.  

I appreciate the efforts of iMedicallApps in addressing the needs of medical community.  If you are an Android fan and eagerly waiting for medical section in your Android Marketplace, do browse through it.  Let us know your thoughts on medical section; limitation and advantages.

Healthy surfing! 

Source: iMedicalApps.com

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