Low back pain (lumbago) relieving exercises at work


The nature of the job in general has changed from manual labor to desk jobs, especially for people working in software industry.  With this increase in desk job trend, increase of lower back pain has been reported.  On an average over 30 million Americans have low back pain at any given time.   It is very important for you to stretch out at regular intervals, so that you can prevent lower back issues. 

If you are one of the many who are stuck on chair in their cubicle or office, you can integrate these exercises in your daily schedule to save yourself lower back troubles:

1. Keep (and use) a weight at your desk
It is recommended to keep low weights on your desk small 5 pound weights.  Use these weights for slow bicep curls, 10 repetitions on each side; preferably two – three times a day.  Other thing that can be done is grasp the weight in one hand with our arm extended in the front, till the arm starts shaking.

2. Take the stairs instead of elevator
You might like it much, especially if you need to go to third floor or so.  Going up and down of 45 or so steps, a couple of times a day will help.  Just remember every little step matters.

3. Do triceps dips
Turn you back to the counter, grasp it with your hands, bend your elbows and slowly dip till your thighs are...

parallel to the ground. This is a simple exercise, which can be done while you are waiting for your lunch to heat and just 30 seconds of dips will make your backs-of-the-arms stronger. 

4. Simple up and down – squats
Squats work like a charm, simple and effective.  Stand up once every few hours, extend your arms and bend those knees — up, down, up, down. That’s it!!  Don’t worry about your colleague passing by, they might get inspired and join you.

5. Walking is the best of all
Walking is underrated.  Just a simple walk can take you long ways.  Simply walk around the block a time or two would be good to chat to a co-worker or take a glimpse of a beautiful intern.

I found a video on USA TODAY that has interview of a fitness expert.  I would suggest that you watch that video, the fitness expert shows different exercises to reduce strain on your back.

Sustain a stronger back for stronger future.  Healthy Working!

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  1. Marguerite Tietge says:

    hi!ok, so i have a pear-shaped body..its easier for me to tone down my belly than my thighs..its so freaking annoying since its very difficult for me to fit in any jeans since my thighs are bigi asked permission from my mom to go to gym, yet she didnt agree with the whole thing. she said that once i started, i have to be dedicated to continue it, however, since i still have school..i guess my mom is kind of right about itcould you suggest some exercises for me to try on and maintain where it doesnt take that much of my time since i still go to school? i really do need it and so thanks!

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