Map and share your run through Nike SportsWatch GPS


Nike GPS is well known among fitness lovers, which helps in tracking running activity on your iPod or iPhone through a sensor in the shoe.  Nike adds a new gadget to its “Nike Plus” line in CES 2011.  The new gadget is Nike+ SportsWatch GPS.  As the name sounds, the gadget is a sports watch, which helps runners to track their progress, wherever they are moving.  The GPS is provided by TomTom. 

Nike+ SportsWatch GPS may sound bit low tech to you in comparison to all the tablet devices and 3-D technologies shown at CES in Las Vegas.  But it lines up with the marriage of geolocation services with social media via health and fitness devices.  Here are the main features of Nike+ SportsWatch GPS: 

  • keeps track of speed, distance and location, so that your progress can be mapped and shared when you return and sync the watch with a computer.
  • it will give kudos and encourage you when milestones and record speeds are reached, such as best 10k time.
  • USB plug is hidden inside the rubbery band to charge the battery, which lasts about nine hours.
  • If GPS reception is not available like indoors, Nike SportsWatch works with Nike Plus sensors in shoes.
  • It is waterproof to certain extent and can be worn for a quick swim but lengthy...

    immersion may be a stretch.
  • Nike’s also introducing a “check in” service to let users stake a virtual claim to particular routes and socialize with habitues. 


Nike is not decided on the price of the Stop Watch, it could range from $199 to $299.  Nike is also working on upgrading the website which will allow you to upload and track your runs. The site’s getting a new mapping service, based on Google Maps, in March just before the watch goes on sale April 1. I am sure your are waiting to buy this gadget and brag about your fitness routine by sharing it on facebook or twitter. 

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Source: Seattle Times

5 Responses

  1. James says:

    Why was the distance counting up? That seems suspect. I would hate for it to assume any distance.

    P.S. I dare Nike to give me the first one on the market.

    • KJ says:

      I believe, like most gadgets these days, it was in “demo mode” for demonstration purposes.

      Looking forward to this if the website is improved, would have liked to have seen a wireless way to upload runs rather than usb. And would have been nice to have a pedometer feature too but nice improvement on the old sportswatch!

  2. wata says:

    is the nike tomtom water proof???

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