Measles vaccine cause instant death of 9 year old twin girls


Birth of child is one of the biggest moments in everybody’s life.  Mother of the baby is relieved after the birth, having gone through the excruciating labor pain; she fills with joy as soon as she sees the baby.  Watching infants grow comes with sacrifice from parents, but is exciting.  Parent of 9 month old twin daughters, Avika and Anika, are not lucky enough to relish this fun.  Believe it or not, minutes after the measles vaccination, the twins died.

Sunil Sharma and his wife are under shock after this incident, which was suppose to be a routine vaccination trip to the hospital.  Akhil Sharma, an uncle of the twins, said: “I took them for the vaccination around 6 pm on Wednesday. They were given the vaccination around 7.15 pm. In 15 minutes, the children started breathing heavily. We rushed to the doctor who gave them oxygen. But the babies had died by them. Still Dr Satyaveer Singh referred them to Sarvodya Hospital.”

Sunil claims his daughters died minutes after being administered the vaccine, usually given when a baby is nine months old, at Divya Nursing Home.

Hospital could not provide any explanation of the cause of death and a complaint was lodged at the Kavi Nagar police station, Gaziabad against Dr Satyaveer Singh under Section 304 of the IPC for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

style="text-align: justify;">Senior superintendent of Police, SSP, Raghubir Lal. CMO A K Dhawan has given orders to seal the hospital and acknowledged that the doctor is absconding.

Dr. Santosh Aggrawal, The Indian Medical Association’s local president, visited the hospital and confirmed death of infants due to the vaccine.  He said that “The doctor had a fresh supply of the vaccine. Still there could be something wrong with the batch of vaccines. Similar deaths have been reported from Kanpur and Lucknow.”

The life of Sunil Sharma and his wife will not be the same after this incident.  Dr. Aggrawal said that similar deaths have been reported in other cities in India.  Is there any investigation under progress to find the root cause of these deaths?  I think health agencies should take a quick step to recall all the vaccines that are suspected to be bad or contaminated.

Source: Indian Express

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  1. i think thats terrible my son is 9 hes got measles and should i be worried i mean hes had his jab :c

  2. to be honest my son is feeling ok but hes been sick 6 times last knight and im started to now get worried and does he need medication

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