Merck launches Vree iPhone app for type 2 diabetes


Diabetes is one of the most fatal diseases.  We have seen smart phone apps being developed to track personal health and fitness.  Merck, one of the pharmaceutical giants, joins the league by developing its own iPhone app for people with type 2 diabetes.  The app is called as Vree and will track blood sugar, medications, nutritional intake and activity level, with helpful features such as progress charts and live reminders.   

Vree app has following features:

  • Diabetes Education – The app includes series of comprehensive, interactive lessons to increase your understanding for type 2 diabetes and the steps you can take to manage it Topics include blood glucose monitoring, healthy eating, weight loss, and exercise.


  • Blood Glucose Tracking – If you forget to check your blood glucose level, Vree will remind you and plot a report on your progress.
  • Nutrition Tracking – Meal is important part of managing type-2 diabetes.  The apps allow you to make informed meal choices and count calories and carbohydrates with confidence. Vree can calculate nutritional value of your meal and can remind you to take food at regular times.  Enter the information of food you eat and track your...

    calorie and sugar intake.
  • Activity Tracking – It is important that you exercise regularly.  Vree can motivate you to exercise by tracking and setting goals. 

  • Medication Tracking – When was the last time you forgot to take your medicine?  Vree helps you to identify the medications you are taking, set reminders, and record when you take your medications.
  • Progress Charts – This feature provides you an easy way of tracking and evaluating your progress.  Don’t forget to share and discuss this progress with your doctor to better manage your diabetes.

Try out Vree (iTune link) and manage your diabetes. You can download the app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad for $1.99. Read more about the Vree app by visiting its website.

Source: Madgadget

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