Mobile data services for healthcare to grow to $7.7B worldwide by 2014


Smart phones have increased the use of mobile applications in healthcare sector.  The development of applications for iPhone, iPad, Andriod, Blackberry and others have been consuming bandwidth of the data service providers.  ABI Research has forecasted the increase in mobile data services over the next four years, in its quarterly update.  The company predicted that the worldwide sales of data services through cellular networks can be as high as $7.7 billion in next four years.

The ABI research predicted the following, which would impact revenue of mobile data services:

  • Health care companies are looking to lower costs by expanding their digitization and implementing patient electronic medical records.
  • Health care, retail and manufacturing combined will reach $27 billion by 2014. In addition to the $7.7 billion growth for health care, ABI expects manufacturing to grow to $10 billion and retail to $8.7 billion by that year.
  • By 2014, manufacturing and retail will take double-digit shares of worldwide mobile data revenue at about 14 and 12 percent, respectively.

Why does ABI expect such increase in revenue?
Dan Shey, enterprise practice director for ABI Research...

told that following will have revenues of mobile data services

  • Mobile messaging—including SMS (Short Message Service) texting and mobile e-mail—and productivity apps
  • Use of things as an office dashboard for schedules, patient data, including radiograph information by health care professionals
  • individual applications like a medication reference app
  • Digitizing health care involving everything from scanning medication bar codes to simply accessing data on a media tablet instead of using a clipboard with the inherent issue of transcription errors going from clipboard to PC

As ABI forecasted, healthcare industry continues to increase its contribution to the revenue of mobile data providers.  The healthcare industry and professionals are adapting to the mobile technology and their need for digitization is growing.



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