Neutron Needlefree Catheter Patency Device Launched


Catheter patency device provides a constant velocity of fluid in the catheter upon disconnection of a luer. The positive displacement feature prevents the backflow of blood into the catheter lumen which can otherwise lead to thrombotic occlusions. It helps maintain the patency of vascular access devices and permits the use of saline flush for any vascular access device, including central venous access.

Catheter patency device is essentially required due to the following:

  • Fibrin formation being a host to catheter related bloodstream infection, it reduces fibrin formation.
  • It prevents blood reflux into the catheter lumen which can otherwise lead to thrombotic catheter occlusion.
  • Flushs the catheter with normal saline and eliminate the risk of Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia.

 ICU Medical Launches Neutron needlefree catheter patency device
ICU Medical has launched the Neutron needlefree catheter patency device with constant neutral pressure. It has an IV catheter connector that prevents reflux of blood and thus maintains catheter patency and prevents other complications...

such as biofilm formation.

The FDA cleared device that prevents reflux during situations such as IV bag run-dry, infusion pump stop or patient vascular pressure changes caused by coughing, sneezing or movement. A silicon seal forms a barrier when the line is not being used. During access, the seal is depressed and the fluid path windows are exposed through the device’s split-septum.

It is claimed by ICU Medical that Neutron needle free catheter patency device with constant neutral pressure is the world’s first and only FDA-cleared device that can significantly reduce all types of reflux into a catheter.


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  1. I was amazed to read this article because after reading this article I became an open mind.
    I am aware, all this time I was too covered with things that are new and were already out.
    This article reminded me to keep digging and keep looking information and new things. Cheers Bro!!

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