Newborn baby saved after being dumped in Gulf Air Plane toilet bin


A security officer at Manila airport found something moving in a rubbish bag inside the Gulf Air plane flying from Bahrain. Out of his curiosity he checked the bag and was shocked to find a newborn baby covered in blood and wrapped in tissue paper. The baby boy is of six pound, nine ounce (three-kilo).

The baby was still attached to the placenta and was taken to an airport clinic after the mysterious discovery. Doctors and nurses cleaned the baby after a checkup, wrapped him in cloth and mittens, gave him a bottle of milk and warmed him under a light bulb. Despite the traumatic short life of baby, the baby is now in good health.

Doctors said the baby was bluish in color and could have died in a matter of few minutes, if he was not found and rushed to clinic. Airport officials gave a name to baby George Francis after Gulf Air’s code name GF.

 The Department of Social Welfare and Development believe the mother gave birth in the toilet of...

the Gulf Air jet and abandoned the child in a trash bin on the plane. Investigators are trying to identify the mother. So far they have located one female passenger whose seat near the plane’s toilet was stained with blood.

 Social welfare secretary Corazon Soliman said: “I was simply outraged; no infant should be treated that way.”

We pray for the good health of baby.

Source: telegraph

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  1. Dan Le says:

    I want adopt the baby that was born in a trash bin on Air Gulf ,Name ; G, Francis.I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.Please , contact me any time at Email.Thanks.

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