“NFL – Super Bowl” stress can spark heart attacks


I am excited about Super bowl game coming weekend. Well! It is good to enjoy the game, but taking to heart if your team is losing can be fatal for you. A recent study revealed that emotional stress fans feel after a loss of team may increase the risk of heart attacks.

The study published in the Clinical Cardiology Journal showed that people who already have heart disease can be at potential risk of fatal heart attack after a loss of their favorite team.

About the Study
Researchers analyzed the mortality rates in Los Angeles County for the two weeks after the 1980 and 1984 Super Bowls, both of which featured teams from Los Angeles (The days before and after the Super Bowl were included).

In 1980, when the Pittsburgh Steelers staged a fourth-quarter comeback to beat the underdog L.A. Rams, data show there were 15% more heart-related deaths among L.A. County men and 27% more among women, compared with years when the team wasn’t in the Super Bowl.  However, in 1984, when L.A. Raiders’ won against the Washington Redskins, there was a dip in cardiac deaths on average, compared with non-Super Bowl years.

Researchers found that the absolute increase in the number of daily deaths per 100,000 people was greater among those 65 and older for total deaths (2.57 versus...

0.11) and cardiac deaths (1.90 versus 0.05).

“Fans develop an emotional connection to their team…and when their team loses, that’s an emotional stress,” says the lead author of the study, Robert A. Kloner, M.D., a professor of cardiology at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, in Los Angeles. “There’s a brain-heart connection, and it is important for people to be aware of that.”

Not only the older people, but the younger generation can be at risk due to factors such as obesity, smoking, and diabetes. Emotional stress can be harmful for them, if not fatal.

It is a good idea to enjoy the game, but take it easy when it comes to health. We wish that you enjoy the Super bowl safely.  Go Packers!

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