NHS health check in UK can save significantly by using telehealth


iPad like devices have potential to revolutionize the preventive care by easing diagnostics such as BP, BMI, cholesterol, etc.  The attractive part of iPad is that along with portability, it offers to reduce cost for these diagnostic programs.  This technology offers help to UK’s National Health Service, which has a target to screen 3.5 million people for heart disease by 2012.  

The initiative taken by NHS in UK is a right step as cardiovascular disease is number cause for death around the globe and diagnostic test will help.  The healthcare staff can use iPad-like device to measure cholesterol, BMI and more, take lifestyle information like diet and activity levels, and then send results to a GP, from anywhere.

iPad like devices offer the following advantage

  • reduces time and effort
  • visual display of results can inform and motivate user
  • results available at point of care and can be shared with relevant services automatically
  • estimated saving on staff required is half the staff as compared to manual check  
  • estimated savings of 75% of screening costs...

    or £200,000 for a Primary Care Trust (PCT) screening 25,000 participants in a year. 

Telehealth Solutions’ Executive Chairman, Jeremy Cummin explained, “The NHS Health Check is about reaching those who would otherwise go unseen and unassisted by health services.” 

I think UK could set an example of saving cost and increasing awareness of cardiovascular disease by running this diagnosis program.  Preventing care is very much a necessity to reduce the burden on healthcare for treatment of heart disease.  We hope to see progress projected by Telehealth on UK’s health check program. 

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