Ninety five genes found to link with cholesterol


I am sure you have gone through a blood test as a routine health check up and one of the data physician is interested to check is your cholesterol level.  The reason being higher cholesterol is linked to heart attack, which is a result of blocked artery.

Cardiovascular diseases have been among the most fatal diseases in the world. The solutions for cardiovascular disease range from non invasive medical devices to pills developed by pharma companies.  Recently genetic engineering has brought good news in relation to cardiovascular disease.  An international group of experts identified Ninety-five different gene, which affect cholesterol levels in the blood.

About the study
The research was published in the journal Nature. The study

  • examined genetic information from over 100,000 people who took part in 46 previous studies.
  • Some gene were found to affect cholesterol metabolism in studies produced by experts from the US, Europe and Asia. These genes are potential target for developing new drugs
  • The genes appeared to be relevant to European and non-European populations

One of the studies used to do the research was the joint British Heart Foundation and Medical Research Council family heart study, which involved 2,000 UK families affected by premature heart disease.

Professor Peter Weissberg, medical director at the British Heart Foundation, said:

  • The...

    findings in this study, that as many as 95 different genes seem to be involved in regulating cholesterol levels in the blood, illustrate just how complicated the biology is.
  • More research is needed to understand precisely what these genes do and how they interact.
  • Although this is just a first step down a long road, the good news is that the more we understand about cholesterol regulation, the more likely it is that new drugs will be developed to prevent heart diseases.

Identification of genes linked to cholesterol attacks the heart disease from first principle.  This discovery is a crucial step in medical science and I hope scientist and industries further advance and translate this knowledge into a break through product to prevent and or cure heart disease.



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  1. Yogini says:

    Nice article. One more example of the fact that if we just have a perfect genetic composition we would be pretty successful in warding off numerous health abnormalities.

  2. Cholesterol says:

    I became recommended this blog by way of my personal step-brother. I am do not positive whether it create is created by the pup when who else acknowledge these kinds of specified approximately this hassle. You might be incredible! Thanks a lot!

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