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iPhone and other smart phone apps are addressing various needs of the health community.  Most of the personal health apps are geared towards fitness that provide you the ability to monitor your basic health parameters, customize fitness and diet program, and so on.  “Feeling Now” is a unique iPhone app that is designed to help identify and become connected to one’s feeling at a given time.  Alexithymia is a psychological condition that is characterized by deficiency in understanding, processing or describing emotions, which can have serious consequences.  Research has shown that enhanced ability to recognize and express emotions can have positive effect on your mental peace, happiness and well being.  

What does Feeling Now iPhone involve?
The App was developed by the company’s President, social entrepreneur, Robert Pal, in collaboration with Helen Valeau, author and supervising teacher at Hoffman Institute of Canada. Feeling Now iPhone app helps you to identify, monitor and record your feeling at given instant.  You can do it as many times as you wish in a day.  

How can I track my emotions through Feeling Now app?
It’s simple, Feeling Now has capability to customize the frequency of asking question “What are you feeling?”  When prompted, you can choose an emotion from library of

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more than 700 distinct emotions to nail down the most elusive feeling in your subconscious mind. You can record the emotion in Journal Entry and document what you are feeling along with the part of the body undergoing this emotion.  You can pull this information any time you want or email it to your friends. 

If asked to name emotions, I can name a few.  I am amazed by the fact that there are more than 700 emotions that one can go through. I think emotions are under rated and we tend to ignore the importance of emotions.  If you would like to connect to yourself, Feeling Now may be a good tool for you.  Download your copy of Feeling Now from iTune store.  It is going to cost you $7.99, but its worth spending the money, if it can give you inner peace. 

Healthy Feeling!

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