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The health reform bill was signed in to law by President Obama on March23, 2010 is expected to provide additional coverage to 31 million uninsured Americans. It is estimated to cost $848 billion over 10 year period. The new law includes a large number of health related provisions to take effect over the four years.  There is confusion among people as to how the new law will be effective and what change it will make in their current health care plan. To meet the mounting demand, recently in an interview, president Obama explored the new health care website, healthcare.gov, giving people a live demonstration as how to find affordable healthcare for you and your family.

About healthcare.gov
The website was officially launched on June 30, 2010.  It is the first website that provides information related to both public and private health insurance option at one place. It is easy to navigate and provides information related to new law and helps to figure out how to get insured, either from a private company or from the government.  Other highlights of the site include, extensive information about your rights as a consumer, how to navigate the health insurance marketplace, and how the Affordable Care Act can help you.

Are you curious to walk through the site,...

you can take a quick video tour of the site


President Obama Explores HealthCare.gov
White House posted a latest video of President Obama giving a tour of website healthcare.gov on July 28, 2010. In the video, the President shows how consumers can find their insurance options and discusses stories of Americans, who suffered under the old health care system. He also discussed that the website allows users to see when the law’s various provisions will take effect, and how they will affect health care purchasers.

Please check out the video below


 Source: healthcare.gov

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