Obese women have more babies despite of less sex


We looked at the recent USDA guidelines to tackle obesity which is one of the leading health conditions in the United States. Two-thirds of adults in US are overweight or obese. Researchers from all over the world have been devoting time to study obesity and its impact on different health conditions. Recently a study conducted in France confirmed that obesity not only affects health and longevity, but sex life as well. It revealed that overweight women are found to have more babies despite of less sex.

Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, a specialist in psychosexual medicine at Britain’s Ipswich Hospital, wrote in an editorial on the study reported in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). He said that obese women with a body mass index greater than 30 have four times as many unplanned pregnancies as healthy-weight women, despite having less sex.  Study also revealed that obese men are more likely to have sexual diseases despite fewer partners.

What did the study look like?
The researchers analyzed the sexual behavior of 12000 men and women aged between 18 and 69 years in France in 2006. Around half of them were normal weight, with a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 to 25, around 2,500 of...

them were overweight, with a BMI of 25 to 30, and around 750 of them were obese, with BMI over 30.


Compared to normal weight men, 70% of obese men those were found to have more than one sexual partner in the past year, had two and half times erectile dysfunction. Obese men under 30 years old were far more likely to have had a sexually transmitted disease.

The study, published online by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), was headed by Nathalie Bajos of the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) in Paris.

I think the study did reveal the affect on sexual health of an obese person.  I hope this study motivates people to follow the USDA guidelines and make a sincere effort to reduce obesity.

4 Responses

  1. Mary Tannahill says:

    How can you assume that bigger women have less sex? Yes the media suggests it, but I really don’t think that you would have evidence that supports it. Well, Do you?

  2. DF. says:

    I thought obese women were infertile; at least that’s what our so called medical community would have us believe. If fat women are having less sex and getting pregnant more often doesn’t it make sense that they are at least as fertile as their thinner counterparts? How long are we going to keep drinking this anti-obesity Kool-aide? Granted, being too fat does pose some additional health risks but our medical community is now trying to pin every medical and social ailment on fat and I for one think that’s little more than passing the buck.

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