One hour on iPod can diminish your hearing


MP3 music players have become one of the popular gadgets for listening to music.  Apple gadgets iPods, iPhones and many other popular handheld gizmo’s having MP3 capability have enticed music lovers to access music anytime – during exercise, commuting by train etc.  A study published in the June issue of Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery revealed that use of MP3 players for more than one hour at a stretch can cause temporary loss of hearing.

What was the main reason for temporary hearing loss?
The study reported that listening to music by use of headphones can cause damage to hair cells in outer ear leading to temporary loss of hearimg

What did the study involve?

  • Participants were subjected to six one hour long sessions of pop or rock music by using two different types of headphones at various levels of preset volumes. 
  • Researchers measured the responses of the 21 men and women aged between 19 and 28 to a very short sound, after each session.
  • Following it, participants were asked to listen to two sounds of different frequencies and were analyzed to see how clearly participants could hear the tones.
  • A control...

    group of 14 people of the same ages was used to compare the results

Lead researcher Dr Hannah Kempler, of Ghent University, Belgium, said that “It is well known that excessive occupational noise exposure can lead to noise-induced hearing loss.” “Excessive noise exposure can lead to metabolic and/or mechanical effects resulting in alterations of the structural elements of the organ of Corti [the inner ear organ in mammals that contains auditory sensory cells or ‘hair cells’)”

As popularity of iPods and other MP3 players are increasing exponentially, physicians and scientist are getting worried about long term effects of these gadgets to cause hearing loss.  This is especially concerning for teens and youngsters, who are stuck to their iPods almost all the time.

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