Orange UK introduces smartnumbers, a healthcare specific service

I am sure you have had times when you wanted to make an appointment with the doctor, but could not reach them or waited for a long time. It may have occurred due to their busy working hours or when they were attending another call. Considering the need, Mobile Operator Orange, UK recently launched a mobile health service called “Orange smartnumbers”. It is claimed UK’s first healthcare service from a mobile operator improving patient care and reducing the time it takes to contact healthcare professionals. 

Benefits of Orange smartnumbers, mobile health service

  • Orange smartnumbers provides callers instant access to the best placed person or team available
  • Orange smartnumbers provides patients and healthcare workers with the ability to reach the right person, first time, and every time they call.
  • No call will be unanswered.  For example, if a doctor on duty is unavailable to answer a call, it will be diverted to the appropriate colleague or team.
  • The solution enables greater flexibility, control and monitoring of calls – empowering employees and informing managers.


Orange partnered with Resilient Networks plc
The low-cost,...

easy-to-implement service was deployed in collaboration with Resilient Networks plc, the company announced. The service equips GPs and Primary and Secondary Care Trusts with tools needed for enhancing the quality of their service.  Orange had a dedicated healthcare division in Europe for four years, and has a ten-year legacy in the healthcare sector according to spokesperson. Recognizing the huge potential for mobile communications to improve efficiencies for healthcare professionals, and ultimately patient care, Orange has launched the health service. It has tremendous potential to improve how healthcare professionals and patients communicate with one another.

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Orange smartnumbers shows potential to help healthcare industry to provide better services to the patients and Health care providers. If it works well I hope this model should be used as a baseline in other countries, where people encountered unattended phone call.

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