Piramal entered in phase-II clinical trials of diabetes drug


India has one of the biggest populations of diabetic people.  Diabetes is ever growing problem and is second most fatal disease, next to heart disease.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus is an emerging worldwide health crisis with an incidence rate of 300 million by 2025.  Priamal Life Sciences, a Indian Pharmaceutical company has been working on P1736-05, an insulin sensitizing compound, started phase-II clinical trial.  Priamal is looking to launch this drug in the Eurpoean and Indian market.

P1736-05 molecule is being developed to treat patients suffering from type-2 diabetes, one of the most common forms of diabetes.  Phase II clinical trails is conducted on small human population and Priamal Life Sciences Managing Director Somesh Sharma was positive about safety and efficacy of P1736-05 for type-2 diabetic people.

Sharma added that “The commencement of phase-II trial of P1736-05 in India and Europe speaks of our efforts to build a diversified and strong pipeline of products to address unmet medical needs.”

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Indian authorities have granted Priamal to conduct the trial.  Also, Priamal has taken approval from various EU regulatory authorities like CCMO of Netherlands and NIP of Hungary.

The drug is still far away from getting approval to be used as a drug, but still, it shows the promise of Indian pharma companies to dwell into developing drugs, in largely generic Indian pharma industry.

Source: Business Standard

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