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woman-multitaskingMultitasking is a habit that we have developed and we multitask all the time.  In fact in many jobs, one of the major requirements is your ability to multitask.  Your capability to multitasking can take you long ways in some career paths, but in some situations it can be dangerous.  Driving is a perfect example of that. 


You must have seen people talking on phone while driving.  Some people are so much fascinated with texting that they are actually texting during driving.  The question you must be asking yourself if you are talking or texting during driving, how much attentive you are to the surroundings.  Just imagine watching a movie and text somebody during a segment of that movie.  How much do you remember the part of the movie that was spent in texting?  Probably none!


Many states have put and many proposed law to text or even talk on phone during driving.  There is enough evidence that says that even if you are talking on phone by using a hands free you are putting your and other people live on stake.


New York Times developed an innovative game that can assess your multitasking skills.  The game was developed by New York Times’s senior multimedia producers Gabriel Dance and Tom Jackson.  They consulted with David Strayer, a University of Utah psychology professor who has led much of the research on cell phone use...

and driving safety, and David E. Meyer, a University of Michigan psychology professor and multitasking expert.



get_the_messageThis game is designed to simulate the distractions during driving.  I found this game very innovative.  Although, it is not possible simulate each and every road condition, while driving, but it does give a sense of risk involved in texting, when you are driving.  Just remember, events can happen at much faster rate in real life than the distractions in the game and it is these events you want to be cautious of.


Stay safe and healthy driving!


Source: nytimes/multitaskig-ability



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