Pregnancy update – Light drinking ok for your baby


Pregnancy is a special moment in women’s life.  Her body is going through a lot of changes. Woman is going through morning sickness; wherein she does not feel like eating anything; she has greater responsibility not only towards herself, but towards her baby. Scientific studies have shown that excessive drinking is harmful for fetus and they should abstain from drinking. A new study revealed that light drinking during pregnancy may not cause developmental problems in the child. Light drinking was characterized by drinking one or two units of alcohol in a week.

About the study
The study was led by University College London in collaboration with three other UK universities.  The study involved

  • Analyzing data from Millennium Cohort Study about 11, 000 children born from 2000 to 2002.
  • Mothers were interviewed multiple times on their drinking and socioeconomic habits as well as child-rearing behavior and their children’s behavioral and intellectual development.

The study was published today in the Journal of Epidemiological Community Health.

Results of the study

  • Study revealed that children born to mothers with light drinking behavior during pregnancy did not show any problem till school age.
  • Light drinkers posed no additional risk of behavioral and emotional issues compared with children whose mothers had abstained during pregnancy.
  • On contrary, the children born to light drinkers scored higher on cognitive tests compared with women...

    who stopped during pregnancy, suggesting less behavioral problems.

What happens due to heavy drinking during pregnancy?
The data is well established that heavy drinking pregnant women put their children to behavioral and emotional problems risk.  

  • Alcohol due to heavy drinking passes through the placenta and reaches the baby.  The baby is in its developmental stage and is not ready to break down alcohol.
  • Researchers have strongly linked heavy drinking to an increased risk of lifelong damage.

Although the new study suggests that mother with light drinking behavior during pregnancy does not pose associated health risk to her child, but still official advice remains that women abstain completely during pregnancy.  If you are tense during pregnancy and you think a drink may relax you, you may consider it.  Relaxed mental state with good sleep is necessary for you and your baby.

Source: BBC

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