Prolonged sitting can be fatal

What do you do after you come home after spending eight hours in your office?  If your answer is you like to sit and watch TV for hours than according to a latest research, you are not doing yourself any good.   

A fourteen year study reported in July online edition of the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that

  • People sitting leisurely for six hours or more in a day are more likely to die sooner than who sit for three hours
  • People who sit and exercise less are more prone to early death
  • Women were found to found at higher level of risk than men, though elevated level of risk of death was significantly higher for both due to sitting.

 Lead researcher, American Cancer Society epidemiologist, Alpa V. Patel, and colleagues lead a study, which included:

  • data from 53,440 U.S. men and 69,776 women who were 50-74 years old when the study began in 1992
  • Participants were asked, “During the past year, on an average day (not counting time spent at your job), how many hours a day did you spend sitting (watching television, reading, etc.)?”
  • The results were adjusted for smoking, height/weight, and other factors

The team found that sitting six or more hours a day as compared to sitting less than three:

  • Increased the death rate by about 40% in women
  • Increased the death rate by about 20% in men
  • Increased the death rate by 94% in the least active women
  • Increased the death rate by 48% in the least active men


You would think that sitting around is a trigger for eating more junk and etc.  It may be factor, but the results were attributed to the fact that

  • your immune system is affect by prolonged sitting, which increases the risk of cancer and other diseases
  • blood circulation is altered due to prolonged sitting, which can potentially cause blood clot
  • potential to increase resting blood pressure and cholesterol, which resulted in higher heart disease seen due to prolonged sitting

Dr. Patel and colleagues concluded that “It is beneficial to encourage sedentary individuals to stand up and walk around as well as to reach optimal levels of physical activity.”

 It is important that you maintain a healthy life style.  Get regular exercise either by evening walk for half an hour or go to gym and spend some of your energy at treadmill or elliptical.  The fact is, better is your life style, less problems you face as your age progresses.  I hope you will choose not to be a couch potato and live more active and healthy lifestyle.

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Source:  pagingdr.gupta

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